Friday, May 10, 2013

Blueprint Sealife Exhibition Official Launch @ The Courtyard Gallery

Blueprint Exhibition: Summer 2013
Blessing Sanyanga is pleased to present Blueprint, an exhibition of sea life sculptures in Italian marble, Irish limestone and bog-oak.
Sanyanga's Blueprint is influenced by his experience of the sea and Irish coast over the last eleven years. His transition from, Zimbabwe a land-locked country, to Ireland an island surrounded by the sea has caused a gradual change in both his choice of subject matter and the progression in his style of work. Sanyanga believes that our surroundings are an integral source of ideas and all forms of creation are inspired by nature.
As human beings we are connected to the sea, using her resources, power and nature for our benefit. Ireland has a particularly strong connection to the sea and a rich heritage of seafaring people and emigration. Sanyanga has reveled in the exploration of the coast of Ireland and the sea with its its dominant nature on the landscape, culture and music of Ireland.
Each of the sculptures in this exhibition has a story to tell. The shark, master of the ocean, powerfully swishes through the sea confident that he is engineered by nature to dominate the ocean. The design of this creature far more sophisticated than humans could ever attempt to engineer. The mermaid, mythical temptress of the sea sings out an enchanting song from the shore calling lonely souls to the water.
Blessing Sanyanga carefully considers each stone up for selection and he strives to find stones with individual character and personality. He remembers the words of his father, 
                            “Choose a stone that talks to you, a stone you can see through.” 
Each sculpture is a one-off and is made by working straight into the stone, without models or sketches, trusting in his imagination as a tool to visualize the piece. His fascination with natural shapes and details has led Sanyanga to recognise bog oak as a appropriate material to diversify the scope of his creations.

Blueprint runs From Fri 17th of May until the 30th of May @ the CourtyardGallery

The Courtyard Gallery Midleton TEL: 0214634644


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 I invite you to join me this summer for a celebration of the sea.

Blessing Sanyanga, May 2013 to July.

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